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Lindsay Lugano 

Monika is an excellent tarot reader. Her readings clearly resonated with my situation and question.
Her reading was not detached or seemed like it was just gotten from a manual. She uses her intuition to read for people. Thank You so much for reading for me. Highly recommended. Five stars.

Sally Ann Charnock

(Victoria AU) 

Monika creates a tranquil space for openness, enquiry, deep healing and reflection. The Tarot Card Reading was enlightening and expansive for the questions I asked, and the Reiki allowed me to relax and open to the healing that was carried out.
As a Reiki Practitioner myself, I understand the depth of the work and felt deeply grateful for what has followed since my session – a true sign of a great practitioner when real change takes place and opens your heart to your soul’s desires. Thank you for our beautiful session Monika.

Petrina Harald 

(Victoria AU) 

Monika the creator and facilitator of The Soul Continuum Level 1, shared life transforming information and experiential learning at the one day workshop, I attended at the The Healing Collective in Castlemaine.
Understanding our purpose, why we are here, how to access our intuition and ask for guidance and so much more was explained and discussed with participants being encouraged to share and ask questions. Certainly a life enhancing experience and I’m so looking forward to The Soul Continuum Level 2. program.           

Anusheree B - Bangalore (Remote) 

Monika did a horse shoe spread for me, one of my first and I was amazed by the details and interpretation she provided to me for each card position card itself. Past and present readings were absolutely accurate, as that is what I can validate as of now, but future and influence also what she read for me gave me a new perspective to my current issue.


She was considerate enough to clear my doubts and gave me hope and assurance that either way my life coming forward has positivity. She's kind, patient and compassionate. Can't thank her enough.

Wendy Fox


To anyone considering either Reiki or Tarot or both, (I had both), I can highly recommend Monika.
Not only is she very welcoming and friendly, the Tarot reading helped answer some questions I’ve had going over & over through my head and also gave me food for thought.
The Reiki was relaxing, warm and beautiful and sitting in my home now a few hours later, I feel lighter, (less stressed) generally more relaxed and am no longer experiencing any back pain.
So...thank you so much Monika.
Not only was it lovely to meet you, I can highly recommend your services. 

Liz Sullivan


Stimulating and informative session with Monika, she guided me through the session, "giving me the rod not the fish".
The love and caring Monika has for people helps with the trust so important in the healing process.

JoJo T

(New York - Remote) 

I loved the reading very thorough and inspiring and liked the energy very soothing of her end, totally recommended.


(Idaho USA - Remote) 

Had an amazing reading with Monika, with lots of positivity and guidance. Her reading was absolutely on point and with complete insight. X
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