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Upcoming Workshops
The Soul Continuum Journey (Level 1)

Location - The Soul Continuum Studio - 117 Kemps Bridge Road, Guildford - Victoria (10kms out of Castlemaine)

$165/per person (includes lunch and afternoon tea)

Join a small group and learn about:

  • Join a small group to learn about 'everything' to do with how you are incarnate.
    Learn about how we decide to incarnate, what happens between our earthly lives, who and what created us and what are we here for?
    Is everything pre-destined?
    What happens at the moment of death and beyond?
    Are dimensions real and how can I access a higher state of being.
    A small interactive group - with lunch and meditations included.

The Soul Continuum Journey is an interactive and fascinating workshop with the material's and information used derived from renowned experts in the field of metaphysics including: 

  • Dolores Cannon (all works) 

  • Guy Steven Needler (all works)  

  • Dr. Brian Weiss (all works) 

  • The Law of One (The RA Contact)

  • Michael Newton PhD

  • Neale Donald Walsch

  • Seth Speaks (all works)

............. many other experts in the field of REINCARNATION - REGRESSION - QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE - PAST LIVE STUDIES - METAPHYSICS. and anything to do with getting the real story about why we are here - how we came to be here and what we are here to do.

The day will include 2 meditations and given the small group (Max 7) - there is plenty of time for personal questions.
Interactive, insightful and transformational.  I hope you join us! Love Monika 

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