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Upcoming Workshops
The Soul Continuum Journey (Level 1) 
February 26th 2023

Location - The Soul Continuum Studio - 117 Kemps Bridge Road, Guildford - Victoria (10kms out of Castlemaine)
Booking link
$165/per person (includes lunch and afternoon tea)

Join a small group and learn about:

  • Where we really come from and what created us

  • What our purpose is and who chose the challenges of this lifetime

  • Reincarnation - what happens at the time of death and what happens between lives

  • Where are loved ones that have passed on and how can I communicate them

I have researched hundreds of books, papers, transcripts and information related to the beginning human condition - our purpose, who created us and why, reincarnation, the death and dying process and more importantly - what happens in between lives. Where do we go - what do we do?

The Soul Continuum Journey is an interactive and fascinating workshop with the material's and information used derived from renowned experts in the field of metaphysics including: 

  • Dolores Cannon (all works) 

  • Guy Steven Needler (all works)  

  • Dr. Brian Weiss (all works) 

  • The Law of One (The RA Contact)

  • Michael Newton PhD

  • Neale Donald Walsch

  • Seth Speaks (all works)

............. many other experts in the field of REINCARNATION - REGRESSION - QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE - PAST LIVE STUDIES - METAPHYSICS. and anything to do with getting the real story about why we are here - how we came to be here and what we are here to do.

The day will include 2 meditations and given the small group (Max 7) - there is plenty of time for personal questions.
Interactive, insightful and transformational.  I hope you join us! Love Monika 

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