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Metaphysical studies generally seek to explain inherent or universal elements of reality which are not easily discovered or experienced in our everyday life. As such, it is concerned with explaining the features of reality that exist beyond the physical world and our immediate senses.


The difference between Metaphysics and Religion 

Metaphysics is the discipline that studies what is beyond the material. While religion involves dogma and rigid beliefs and more of an organizational structure. The former is more individual in its path, the second, more organized and structured by leaders.

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The Soul Continuum Journey (Workshops) 

The SCJ Workshops are designed to provide you with a completely different way of looking at life, your purpose, the dying process, reincarnation, your relationships and yourself!   By understanding the reality of where we came from -  why we are here - how we chose this life which will ultimately give you the ability to live life with less regrets, less fear and a lot more joy!. 


Metaphysics - what is it?

Traditionally, metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible. It seeks a description so basic, so essentially simple, so all-inclusive that it applies to everything, whether divine or human or anything else 

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